eVisa South Africa Specification for the Belgians


As soon as the electronic visa South Africa is approved, it will allow the foreigners to stay 30 days in South Africa.

With the electronic South Africa visa , travelers will experience an easier and more simple online process which in a few minutes will be completed and they will no more need to go to an embassy in Belgium.

Belgians will have to meet the evisa South Africa requirements by giving the correct information concerning their personal details such as date of birth, name, and travel document information.

Travelers must make sure thay they fill in the form correctly as any wrong information may lead to a refusal or make them wait longer for a reply. The approval of the e visa South Africa will be sent by email

The time limit to be processed is usually one day. In some cases, it can take more than 24hours to be processed. It is advised to travelers to do the application for their South Africa evisa at least 4 days before the date of their travel.

Must Belgian Citizens obtain a Visa before visiting South Africa?


Most nationalities must at present apply for a visa to be allowed the entry in South Africa.

These same nationalities will most probably be allowed to apply for the South Africa e visa. Visitors from Asian region like China, Thailand, and Vietnam are exempted from visa entry.

Travelers from most EU countries must apply for a South Africa visa along with their passports to be able to enter South Africa.

The visa South Africa can be obtained at the embassy of South Africa.

But if you want an easier and quicker way to have your visa, it is then recommended to apply for a South Africa online visa.

Applying for an eVisa for South Africa from Belgium


After having applied for a South Africa visa online, Belgians will have to show a copy of the evisa to South Africa at the border controls for verification. The information concerning the traveler will be screened through a security database to make sure that all the information provided corresponds to their official travel document, and that they are of no potethreats to public safety.

The processing period for the eVisa application will most probably be 24 hours. When doing the application online, the travelers will have to make sure that the information provided on the form is correct as any wrong information may lead to a rejection or a delay in the process of the tourist evisa South Africa. After the information have been well registered, the applicants will have to pay the fees via a valid credit or debit card.

The classic South Africa Visa specification for Belgians


After meeting the requirements for the visa, the Belgians will have to make sure they possess a passport with a validity of at least 6. It is not compulsory to show a return ticket if you are traveling via plane, but we advise travelers to show their travel itinerary from travel agents.

The visa South Africa for Belgians can be obtained from embassies or on arrival . Visas obtained on arrival are usually tourist visas and are valid for a maximum period of 30 days.

The Belgians will need to present two-passport sized photos along with their passport and entry ticket.

Kindly check that you have been issued an entrance stamp on your passport and check the date of issue for an exit stamp.

One application covers only one entrance, that is if visitors leave the country before their departure date, they will have to do a new application if they want to visit South Africa again afterwards.

Application for the eVisa South Africa for the Belgian Citizens


Belgian travelers will need to provide the correct information concerning their personal data and travel itinerary.

After the eVisa has been approved, the Belgians will have to print the eVisa sent to them via their email.